When to Go

It would make little sense to give an opinion or suggestion about the period in which it is best to visit Lake Como, because every season has its colors, its atmospheres and its magic. According to your needs, choose the right time for you.

Summer with its warm days and pleasantly cool evenings. Its infinite sunsets and its intense colors. Autumn and the wonderful show of the fall of the leaves with its myriad of colors and shades. Winter, with its peace and its meditative silence, with its short and cold days, where the play of light and shadows offer short and exciting sunsets. Spring where the energy of nature awakens, brings new life and with it, every day, a surprise…



The Climate

The climate of the lake is temperate and follows the typical trend of the four seasons: hot in summer, cold in winter, mild in spring and autumn. In summer there are very hot days and cooler evenings with some thunderstorms during the evening or night. In autumn, temperatures gradually decrease and rainfall increases. In winter the temparatures reach their minimum, but the influence of the heat released by the lake prevents polar days. The lake and in particular Perledo, enjoy a mild climate and the numerous olive trees that grow on its territory are proof of this. Spring brings with it a gradual increase in temperatures and a revival of nature: flowers and plants sprout and the green returns to be the dominant color.


Referring to the above climatic notes, to the season of your stay and to your habits, appropriate clothing to wear. We suggest to always carry, in your suitcase, a warm garment and one to shelter from the rain: you are in a mountainous area…

Tourist Notes

During the winter months (November-March), many places are closed, especially those with a strong tourist vocation (hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, etc…). From March to August is a growing flow of tourists that reaches its peak between July and August, and then again and gradually decrease, in the months of September and October. The lake lives all year round, but during the low season, it follows the needs and habits of the local inhabitants more than the tourists, and this gives a touch and authenticity!